E-Premium Insurance and E-Deposit

Fayetteville Renters Insurance Options at Addison Ridge

Renters insurance is required at Addison Ridge and we have partnered with E-Premium Insurance to give you the lowest cost in liability and content coverage.

You may find E-Premium Insurance and E-Deposit by clicking here to access their renters insurance website.

Addison Ridge requires $100,000 in Liability Coverage against resident caused water, fire, smoke and explosion. Content coverage is highly recommended but not required. You are not required to use e-premium as your renters insurance provider, but e-premium is preferred by Addison Ridge. Please list Addison Ridge as an additional interest/interested party so that in the event of cancellation, we will automatically be notified by your insurance company.

Addison Ridge gives you the option to pay an E-Deposit instead of the traditional security deposit upon move in. E-deposit provides you with an additional asset at move in. The one-time, non-refundable premium for the security deposit insurance is considerably less than the money required for a traditional security deposit. This allows you to have access to more cash during your move-in. E-Deposit will cover you for the duration of your residency and it can be transferred to a different unit in the community if you decide to move.